What People Are Saying About Purple Pen…

“Thanks so much for all the fantastic editing and coaching. We are absolutely thrilled!” –Karen, mom of Alex, Dartmouth ‘22

“Freddi was a lifesaver at East Side Community High School during my first year as their Director of College Counseling. With my large caseload, it was a relief to have someone I trusted helping my students produce quality essays for very competitive colleges. I immediately trusted Freddi when I witnessed her ability to help each student tell his/her very personal story. She was able to quickly build trust and rapport and in no time students were scheduling time with her. With Freddi’s help, my students completed essays and supplements and were accepted to a variety of colleges, including Cornell, Skidmore, Gettysburg College, University of Rochester, St. Bonaventure, Stony Brook University and more.” –Sonia Szymanski, Director of College Counseling, East Side Community High School, New York, NY

“Our son, Ian, selected a rather difficult Common App prompt on what he’d learned from failing at something. We were worried that a negative topic might not highlight his many strengths. Using her ‘show don’t tell’ guidelines, along with patience and humor, Freddi helped him use this real-life story to illustrate the character and maturity he’d gained from what, at first, had seemed like a negative experience. It turned out to be a ‘teachable moment’ for all of us.” –Jane, mother of Ian, Boston College ‘18

“Olivia is an excellent student but she ‘angsted’ over her essays. She knew what she wanted to write about, but she needed a smart, warm, impartial and positive voice to give her feedback and encouragement. Finding Freddi made all the difference. Olivia felt understood and almost invisibly guided through the whole process. We could not have been happier, and I continue to hear nothing but raves from the people we have connected with Freddi.” –Laurie, mother of Olivia, Macalaster ‘17

“Freddi worked with my son, who didn’t have an idea of what he wanted to write his college essay on. She was creative, encouraging and patient in drawing him out to produce an essay that was compelling and that reflected his own voice in a confident, engaging way. Freddi’s editorial expertise and mastery of storytelling made the process enjoyable for him, and less arduous for us than the first time around with my older child.” –Andrea, Mother of David, Lehigh ‘18

“Our son, Hank, had zeroed in on a personal essay topic early, but he needed help framing it in a way that revealed his character, intelligence and creativity. Freddi ‘talked’ him through the process via email and the result was not only a better essay, but also an acceptance at his first choice school.” –Julie, Mother of Hank, Purdue ‘17

“My daughter adored working with Freddi. She is somehow able to bring out the best in young adults. She was patient and inspired my daughter to write a strong personal essay that told her true story in her own voice.” –Kathleen, mom of Kaitlyn, Sacred Heart ‘21

“Freddi went above and beyond helping our daughter craft two essays, and several shorter prompts. She made sure that the stories she was telling best represented her as a student and a person; and she had just the right way of nudging, to keep our over-programmed teen on track without her feeling overwhelmed. I don’t know if we would have made it through this process without Freddi! She is so smart, so kind and so patient! We are very grateful for the work she did with our daughter, and have no doubt that it helped her get into her first choice school.” –Pauline, mom of Veronica, Tufts ‘21

“My daughter wasn’t sure what to say in her personal essay. Freddi made her feel comfortable and confident during the brainstorming process and once an idea was selected, she helped her craft and polish a lively and compelling personal essay and several other statements.” –Sara, mom of Georgia, Vassar ‘21

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